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Lewellen Trucking & Excavating Big Fish Challenge Leader Board
Leaders for Contest Ending: 09/30/2009


2 pound 7 ounce crappie caught from Indian Creek about 12' deep in about 25' of water, on a minnow.
Number: 1965

Flathead Catfish

33 pound flathead caught using a bluegill on a trotline.
Number: 2043
Winners for Contest Ending: 06/15/2009

Flathead Catfish

55 pound flathead caught on a trotline out of Lick Creek.
Number: 1846


2 pound, 6 ounce crappie! This fish was caught using a minnow out of Lick Creek. This makes Nathan the new leader of the Spring Portion of our Big Fish Challenge.
Number: 1884
Winners for Contest Ending: 09/30/2008


Number: 1684

Flathead Catfish

This 51 pound catfish was caught using a goldfish on a limb line.
Number: 1723
Winners for Contest Ending: 06/15/2008


This 2 pound 7 ounce crappie measured 17.5 inches long. Caught out of the Indian Creek branch of Mark Twain Lake using a jig with a black head, yellow body, and white tail. This made Lon the new leader, and subsequently the winner of Part I of the Big Fish Challenge which ended June 15th.
Number: 1643
As of 2008/06/15 this is the third largest crappie weighed in our big fish challenge. The largest being 2 pounds, 11 ounces, and the second largest weighing in at 2 pounds, 8 ounces.

Flathead Catfish

Picture of 70 lb flathead caught by Phil is the current leader of Big Fish contest He used a gold fish to bring in this catch.
Number: 1607
This is the one to beat! At 70 pounds this flathead is the biggest so far this year. As of 05/17/2007 it also holds the all time largest catfish, beating out the 69 pounder weighed in June 2006.
Winners for Contest Ending: 09/30/2007


This crappie is the new leader in our big fish challenge. It weighed in at 1 pound, 10 ounces and measured 15 inches long.
Number: 1429
This crappie is just 2 ounces larger than the other crappie that were weighed in this portion of our contest. Many nice crappie have been caught this fall at Mark Twain Lake and this is a fantastic example.

Other Catfish

38 pound blue cat caught on goldfish out of the Lick Creek branch of Mark Twain Lake. Ken is the new leader in Part II of our 2007 big fish challenge.
Number: 1415
Ken has weighed in many different flathead and blues in this portion of our contest. His determination really paid off with this nice blue cat.
Winners for Contest Ending: 06/15/2007


2 pound 6 ounce crappie caught using a chartreuse and black Curly tail jig out of pigeon roost creek 4 feet deep.
Number: 1331
This one is going to be tough to top. At nearly 2 and a half pounds this is a true trophy sized crappie.
Winners for Contest Ending: 09/30/2006

Glenn & Lonnie
Flathead Catfish

69 pound flathead caught on bullhead. this is the heaviest flathead weighed this year and is the new leader in part II of our big fish challenge.
Number: 1086
Part II of the big fish challenge has started off with a bang!


1 pound 2 ounce crappie caught out of Lick Creek on Minnows.
Number: 1128
1 pound 2 ounces is the biggest crappie weighed so far in our contest.
Winners for Contest Ending: 06/15/2006

Tim & Brice
Flathead Catfish

This is the heaviest catfish so far in the spring portion of our big fish challenge. 62.5 pounds takes the lead by only 1.5 pounds.
Number: 1060
This flathead edges out the competition by just 1.5 pounds to become the new leader in our big fish challenge. The field for flathead is tight with more than 10 fish having been weighed at over 50 pounds. Think you can compete? Bring your monster to CDGS today to enter our free contest!


This 2 pound 11 ounce crappie was caught on a chartreuse jig in Little Indian Creek. Congratulations to Harold on the being the new leader in our big fish challenge!
Number: 1057
This is the one to beat!
Winners for Contest Ending: 09/30/2005


New big crappie for our Big Fish Challenge. 1 pound, 12 ounces. This breaks the longstanding tie of 1 pound 11 ounces.
Number: 871
Reggie is the new leader for the crappie portion of our big fish challenge. 1 pound, 12 ounces will be good for a $100 shopping spree from Cannon dam general store if noone else can catch a bigger fish before 09/30/2005.

Shawn & Ryan
Flathead Catfish

These two flathead weighed in at 50 pounds and 65 pounds. Congratulations on being the new leaders in our big fish challenge!
Number: 820
65 pounds is not only the biggest fish in Part II of the big fish challenge it is also the biggest flathead we have weighed in this year. If no one can bring in a fish that weighs more, this one will be good for a $100 shopping spree at Cannon Dam General Store.
Winners for Contest Ending: 06/15/2005


This 2 pound 4 ounce crappie was caught on a jig 5 feet deep. This is also the leader in our 2005 big fish challenge.
Number: 665
This is a tough act to follow. 2 pounds 4 ounces is the current leader in the Part I of the 2005 big fish challenge.

Jeff, Ray, Richard & Rich
Flathead Catfish

This 60 pound catfish is the biggest fish in part I of our 2005 big fish challenge.
Number: 786
This gang brought in a tiebreaker catfish and outdid the competition by 1 pound. Congratulations to Jeff Armour and company!
Winners for Contest Ending: 09/30/2004

Brian & Jason

Several crappie (4 shown) weighing 1.25 to 1.5 pounds caught on jigs in Lick Creek.
Number: 462
Brian weighed in one of his fish at 1 pound 10 ounces. He is the current leader in the big fish challenge.

Flathead Catfish

Fish Story of the week!! This 33 pound flathead was caught on a charteuse and silver jig tied on to a crappie pole with 8 pound test line.
Number: 481
Bill of Athens, IL fires up the catfish side of the contest with this 33 pounder. He is giving the trotliners a run for their money with his crappie pole.
Winners for Contest Ending: 06/15/2004

Weight: 2.5 pounds Pounds. Length: 15 inches
Number: 319
Congratulations to Dan. He is the winner of a $100 shopping spree with his 2.5 pound, 15 inch crappie.

Flathead Catfish
Weight: 62 Pounds.
62 pound flathead caught on sunfish in Southfork.
Number: 422
William weighed in this 62 pound flathead and will receive a $100 shopping spree for his catch. The spring portion of our contest ended 06/15/2004. The new contest is now underway so bring in your big catch to enter!